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Natural Rubber RSS3 ,  Natural Rubber SVR3L

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Natural Rubber RSS3

Material RSS (Ribber Smoked Sheet Rubber) is made directly from latex which is treated and then made to coagulate. The coagulated latex sheets are then air dried or smoked in ovens. Applied products RSS3 rubber sheets have been used widely in the production of Tyres (tires) & Tubes, Tread Carcass, Off road tyres & ADV tyres, Extruded hoses, Footwear etc… specially, RSS3 are applied for the products need high requierment in heavy industry and machinery industry.

Natural Rubber SVR3L

Material SVR3L is made from latex harvested from our rubber plantation. It can meet customer’s strict requirement about some of technicalities such as: the Po, Color (Lovibond), … Applied products This product is being applied in many fields: advanced automobile tire, wire belt, wire cable, sole of shoes, medical products, industrial electronics,…