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VCI Film ,  Calcium Carbonate Filler Masterbatch

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VCI Film

VCI film series are a packaging material extruded and molded by PE resin and VCI resin, After the film is used to pack and seal the articles for antirust, VCI contained in the film begins to sublimate and volatilize the antirust gas factors which diffuse and penetrate into the surfaces of the articles for antirust and adhere on them to form a compact protection film with the thickness of monomolecular to avoid the surfaces of the articles for antirust in contact with all factors inducing corrosion, thus the corrosion is effectively prevented.

Calcium Carbonate Filler Masterbatch

Calcium Carbonate Filler masterbatch are a mixture of calcium carbonate, polyethylene primary dispersion and other additives. This product is used as a filler to reduce cost, increase productivity and configure the end product. Plastic particles of calcium combined with plastics (PE, PP, PS, ABS, …) virgin or recycled in technology blowing, molding, extrusion, spinning, etc. Granular product so simple to use and easily mixed with various ingredients. Mixing ratio ranges from 5% to 50% depending on the specific product. This rate is adjusted based on the balance of production technology and quality requirements of final products.